New things and holiday plans

I realised I haven’t posted anything since kindy ended. I’m now working the ‘normal’ schedule (1.30-10pm) and it’s definitely better overall. I love having mornings free to sleep in, cook, draw, watch shows, browse, walk to work etc… I finished watching The Man From the Stars k-drama (which I fell in love with!) and I’m currently downloading The Heirs to watch on my iPad. Also my schedule lines up more with Rob’s now, so we get to see each other more.

March was a great month because we were all working under our contracted hours. I had 7 new classes to get used to but everything went quite well, mostly because I had two sanity breaks a day. Now that Sonia had gone back to America, I’ve picked up an extra tutor and an extra middle school class so I don’t have many breaks. We also have to start doing phone teaching which means calling our first couple of classes to teach them once a month. This is going to be very painful for me because some of my kids are so young they can barely sound out new words with their mouths. Their vocabulary is limited to ‘pencil’, ‘circle’, ‘book’ and ‘purple’, and I’m expected to have entire conversations with them about how their day has been.

These young classes are really stressful because they’re younger than the kindy kids and I can’t communicate with them at all. I go in and some of them just run around and scream at me in korean to give them money or candy the whole lesson. Luckily after 4 young classes in a row, I teach upper elementary and middle school. I like my older kids a lot more! We’ve both been very tired this first week of April, so we’re expecting more of the same until our contract ends in just under 5 months.

Anyway, we were planning on staying with our company if they wanted us, but now we’re thinking it will be much better to go home for a month or two to rest, and then come back to a new job in Seoul. Nothing is set in stone but this seems like a sensible idea, especially considering I haven’t had a holiday longer than a week since I started working 2 and a half years ago.

Also if we leave our company we get extra money: we get our bond back, flights back home and a whole months severance pay (which is around $2,200). We’re going to use this, along with our final months paycheck, to go on a 2-3 week holiday across Japan! (Hopefully).

We’ve also just booked flights to Hong Kong for 5 days in July! We’re very excited to see the super tall buildings and interesting crumbling old apartments, as well as shopping, eating and relaxing on beaches. Counting down, just 3.5 months to go :s

When we get back we’ll be heading straight into intensive month, and then our contract will be over.

We’re going to be in super savings mode for the next 4-5 months. The only Korea trip we have planned is to go to Busan with Pete and Jess (from Seoul), over the Buddha’s birthday holiday. Only a month away – will be a lot of fun!



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